…is Hitting the Gym Again

Since the twins were born, I’ve had one selfish complaint: why does my wife instantly get to drop twenty pounds of her pregnancy weight while my pregnancy weight remains?

The stupidity of this complaint is wrapped up in the cause itself.  My wife never demanded I eat like crap during her pregnancy. 

In fact, for the most part she ate relatively healthy while I let stress & work fatigue influence my decisions.

All that changed this week when I finally resolved to get my body back.

Clever cropping can only do so much for those thighs of mine

I may not be taking the all-or-nothing approach of our pre-wedding diet.  That said, I find every time I go to the gym for even half an hour, I make better choices over the next 12 hours.

Smaller portions come more naturally.

I think to stand up to burp a child instead of sitting.

Popping out an extra ten push-ups or squats before jumping in the shower for work Is no sweat.

While 180 was awesome, I’d settle for 205 with energy

I was using my career & time as an excuse.  “Once they allow me a personal chef, trainer, & SoulCycle membership, then I’ll get back to my aspirational body.”

Unfortunately, as dads we have a responsibility to be healthy.  My forties are closer than I realize, & if I’m saving for two colleges I want to be sure to see my kids graduate! 

So until the day when discipline comes easy, it’s up to me to find the will myself.

Thankfully my wife fully supports my choice.

Then again, why wouldn’t she?

Team Lovegren-Wierzbicki 4 Life!

Special Thanks also to Krave Jerky for supporting our family health goals!  

They hooked it up with a bag of products at the recent Great Big Family Play Day & it has been making post-workout simple snacking easy.

Click the pic for 10% OFF your 1st Krave Jerky order

What simple tips have you used to keep your #dadbod at bay?  Comment below for a chance to win a Krave Jerky bag/bar/stick combo from us!

6 thoughts on “…is Hitting the Gym Again

  1. Nice article Ivan … glad to see some #DadBod awareness is being made out there! Just be thankful you are still under 40!!! Us 40+ year olds still having kids face an even harder time getting rid of our “sympathy weight”! Although, I can’t complain too much as all the additional Sheridan’s custard & Cosmic Brownies made for a good time while having 3 kids in my 40s! Time to regain the workout discipline, eat healthier & lose the 20 LBS to see if we can reach sub-200 once again (even if it’s 199 LBS)! Thanks for addressing this topic! -M. Carlson (SpartyHawk Cache)

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  2. I absolutely understand where you are coming from but now my daughter is 13 and the weight is still there my healthier lifestyle kicked in a couple of years ago which the first thing was I quit smoking after 20 years of it and now I have been coming up on two years smoke free but I substituted smoking for cookies and ice cream which I will have to stay are delicious especially when I make fresh cookies every day at work, so my wife and I recently started a low carb diet, which I am two weeks in it and I have dropped 7 pounds it will take a while but it’s well worth it in the long run. Great article Ivan

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  3. Hubby has been struggling, but he’s found some luck sticking to high protein in recent months and he’s learned to pay more attention to macros. All in total he’s down 60 and would like to lose another 20.

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  4. Turned 40 this year and with 2 kids, I have constantly battled for the last few years. I have always been on the chubby side but it’s really gotten tough in the last 5 years or so. I play softball regularly and try to spend time outside with the kids, especially during the summer. But one of the hardest things to do at this stage of my life is eat on a schedule. The kids control the schedule but in 2017, I’ve set some rules for myself that have helped me at least feel better about myself.

    1. No food, Junk or otherwise, after 9 pm. Hard to do!
    2. No more soft drinks. That’s for weight and for the horrible kidney stone episode I went through.
    3. No more M&M’s!!

    I still have a ways to go but doing it slowly has made me feel some results. I’ll never be 180 again but I’m like you – 205 would be great. I’m at 225 now and feel it everyday.

    Thanks Ivan!


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