Latino Dad Summit 2017!



Is there something local that may need your attention directed to it? Yes there is. It’s the Inaugural Latino Dad Summit 2017 being held on Sept. 9th. The venue is at Maker City L.A. in downtown Los Angeles. This will be a day of planned keynote speakers, a marketplace of various brands, panel discussions & an overall celebration of Latino Dads and friends.

Here are 5 reasons to attend this local event.

Reason 1: A Safe Space For Dialogue
One thing that helps dads be better providers, caretakers and men is conversations. There will be keynote speakers and panel discussion. Some of those include Rick Najera and Eddie G. Various dads near and far will share some insight into masculinity, blended families and talking to your children about race.

Reason 2: New Learning
We all have the ability to learn and expand on our knowledge. Whether it be from entrepreneurs, other dads and brands that support the community. Some topics are on health, mental wellness and college education for your children. Time to expand your mind.

Reason 3: Celebration Of Dads
As one may or may not know this event is to celebrate dads. Dads are special. The newest societal change is the present father being seen and heard. More and more dads work hard for their family and at home. Stereotypes are being broken everyday with stay at home dads. Even dads making sure laws apply to men for paternity leave and changing tables in men’s restrooms. Let’s all celebrate each other.

Reason 4: Small Business Marketplace
There is great opportunity to meet various brands and local small businesses. Dads are represented more and more in brand marketing too. The support for dads is overwhelming and welcomed. Some brands that will be on hand are Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes for Men, Calchonies, Shop Latinx, Funky Town Pomade, Smarty Pants Vitamins and many others.

Reason 5: Brotherhood & Food
Yes I know technically it might be 6 reasons. Food and brotherhood go hand in hand. Well you can have commonality in your food tastes. Plus having support, experience and knowledge from other fellow fathers. There is plenty of time to talk to other fathers over some food. We all need food and the brotherhood support helps too. Snacks are being provided by Goya Foods. Also I Love Micheladas will have samples to offer.


So consider attending the Latino Dad Summit. Tickets are currently $25. What admission will get you is a parking voucher, snacks, lunch, all programming and some swag. Use this 25% off checkout code – joelleoj_dadsmatter and come experience the Inaugural Latino Dad Summit 2017.

The event link is here:



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