Navigating the world of business, social media, personality & personal obligations can be a tricky road.  Being A Grown Man is about the challenges men are faced today when it comes to taking responsibility for their lives, careers, families, and lifestyles.  Whether discussing today’s issues like choosing to clean the community dryer’s lint filter or leave it be, or looking down the road at surviving fatherhood, we are here to help transition full-grown boys into being grown men.  Hopefully.
Blogger Ivan Lovegren is a husband, businessman, writer & dad to twin infants Archer & Logan, as well as Rexford the Golden Lab & two bunnies.  He moved from Omaha, Nebraska, to sunny California ten years ago and has seen both sides of most coins.  From choosing to raise kids in Beverly Hills, to giving up the luxury car for a family model, his experiences are here to entertain and educate as you go through your own journey.